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Meeting Worx!

When people meet, they change the world. We believe that Innovation, progress or any other kind of change comes from people meeting other people. Meeting works and we work meetings to increase their impact. Since 1982, anywhere in Europe.

Much more than AV!

Our teams design successful meetings based on objectives. Our true one-stop-shop houses many innovative services coordinated by skilled Meeting Support Managers. Our warehouses are packed with AV, ICT, technology and other tools.

"I want to thank you so very much for everything for Venice.  The Venue situation was a complete nightmare, but your team took care of everything professionally.  It was so wonderful to have them there and everything went so smoothly. Just wanted to say thanks!"

Presentations on screens. We all have seen many of them.  From 35mm to computer: PowerPoint, Keynote or even Prezi. The rectangular shape of the screen has evolved from the good old 4 x 3 to the wide 16 x 10... GREAT! and from 640x480 pixels to HD. WOW! But how impressed are you really? Or better: how impressive are your presentations?

Webcasting is now an option of as little as €50 for a day! The world has totally changed from what used to be expensive and specialised work requiring lots of planning, cables and creativity.
At Abbit we have invested in the last piece of the puzzle that enables us to provide everything from camera to webpage with live webcast.
 We all know how it works and being publicaly praized is probably one of the more powerfull ways of getting people really engaged.  Abbit offers several tools, techniques and methods to praize individuals or groups of people. These pictures whow a few examples.