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Meeting Worx!

When people meet, they change the world. We believe that Innovation, progress or any other kind of change comes from people meeting other people. Meeting works and we work meetings to increase their impact. Since 1982, anywhere in Europe.

Much more than AV!

Our teams design successful meetings based on objectives. Our true one-stop-shop houses many innovative services coordinated by skilled Meeting Support Managers. Our warehouses are packed with AV, ICT, technology and other tools.

Abbit is the proud producer of the FRESH conferences. Every year many innovations are introduced that make meetings more effective. A higher impact through advanced learning, more innovation through better networking and more engagement through responsible fun.
In meetings and events we often need some construction. It could be poster panels, series of kiosks, a stand, or a set. Abbit has the fastest and most versatile and flexible panel based construction system that delivers perfect end-results for a perfect budget.
Some nice examples can be found in the attached brochure.

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FRESH is dedicated to designing more effective meetings. It introduces new and innovative AV and technology and it invites participants to experience new formats, techniques and presentation styles. The ABBIT team is proud to be the production, AV and technology partner for FRESH and happy to share some of the amazing things we did at FRESH14 in a webinar.
The world's first ‘Robot participant' walked around at the FRESH conference in January 2014. A real participant was, for 2 full days, present’ through a robot at FRESH14 and at the same time, at home with her little baby boy. She could listen and watch the presentations, drive from one meeting room to another and even participate in discussions.